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4 actions to make Finance a business partner and drive growth

Finance must free up time to become a business partner and drive growth. Take these 4 actions to transform your role, advises Unit4’s Sjoerd-Jaap Westra

Beyond Siri and Alexa – celebrating women behind AI

Highlighting five high-powered contributors to the field of artificial intelligence, Deskera’s Rebecca Neufeld celebrates the women behind AI

Technology Embodied

Making stuff, or doing stuff, is only an outcome, however important that might be: it’s what a culture’s “technology” enables. Salesforce’s Peter Coffee gets up a head of STEAM.

Seize the disruptor’s secret – how CIOs can buck the status quo

CIOs can buck the status quo to drive business transformation when they seize the disruptor’s secret, writes Rimini Street president Sebastian Grady

Minimum viable product considered harmful without architecture

Agile says build a minimum viable product (MVP) and continuously improve it with DevOps. Just don’t neglect architecture, advises New Relic’s Lee Atchison

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